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AFT specialise in lending-related debt settlement, helping to resolve business debt issues. We’re not Licensed Insolvency Practitioners; we provide debt settlement solutions outside the insolvency process. Our consultants have had long careers in financial services and business in general and can call on a wealth of experience in business and corporate finance.

Our solutions can be as simple as negotiating sensible repayment terms, although they frequently include some form of debt reduction, where a reduced payment is made as final settlement of the debt. 

Once a settlement is agreed and the client has met the terms of the agreement, they will be released from any further liability in relation to the debt in question – without having to enter into insolvency. 

Each case is individual and unique, and while we can’t promise to provide a solution in all cases we have achieved an outstanding success rate.

We believe so strongly in our ability to deliver a successful outcome for our clients that our fees are directly related to the success we achieve. 

Take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation to see if we can help, before you enter into a business insolvency.

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