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Funding Solutions


Bespoke Capital Raising

Business Angel Funding

Small businesses are often faced with opportunities which they are unable to realise due to a lack of capital. Often these situations do not fit bank lending criteria, leaving businesses unable to take advantage of the opportunity.

AFT operates an in-house Business Angel Fund which is designed to assist SME’s fund these opportunities.

The fund supports clients who need finance to:

  • Expand their business;
  • Undertake capital investment;
  • Develop a new business venture;
  • Restructure existing funding arrangements;
  • Support a buy-out of an existing business, or an external acquisition
  • Require short term bridging;

The fund is available to all business sectors including property development. There are no set criteria as each case is judged on its own merits. The maximum funding available is £1m.

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Pension Led Funding

Pension Led Funding is often overlooked as a potential funding vehicle for SMEs.
Pension Led Funding utilises the client’s own pension to release capital into their business. It is fully HMRC and FCA compliant.

This funding method is not suitable for everyone and professional financial advice must be taken before considering this option.

However, where appropriate, it provides the ability for a client to back their own business thereby reducing, or possibly removing, the need for traditional funding lines.

There are set up costs and the business will have to pay interest on the funds borrowed, at a commercial rate, in addition to repaying the capital amount.

However it can be more cost-effective than a traditional bank loan, and the interest will be paid into the client’s own pension.

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Traditional Funding

Whilst we pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box, we do recognise that traditional funding lines can be the most appropriate source for a large number of SMEs.

Our wealth of experience in the financial sector can assist your business in all aspects of fund raising, including:

  • Working capital funding including overdrafts, stock funding, invoice financing and factoring;
  • Acquisition funding including MBO’s, MBI’s etc;
  • Private equity and Mezzanine Finance;
  • Trade finance for imports and exports;
  • Commercial term loans;
  • Property investment finance;
  • Property development finance;
  • Bridging loans;
  • Asset finance;
  • Building contractor funding.

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