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AFT provide bank debt settlement solutions including debt reduction agreements where a reduced payment is made as full settlement of the debt.

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The AFT difference

Lenders have a dominant position when it comes to SME’s and we have seen many examples of lenders manipulating businesses and business owners for their own benefit in areas such as inappropriate loans, personal guarantees and excessive fees.

Unfortunately these failings tend to be ignored, either because they are not immediately apparent or their importance is not understood, resulting in the lenders’ dominating the debt recovery process.

At AFT we are not ‘anti Bank’, but we seek to redress the balance by giving SME’s access to consultants who have a wide range of both banking expertise and business experience, and who have been successful in negotiating settlement solutions over several years.

As part of the initial investigatory process we audit the client’s dealings with the lender, to review any concerns raised by the client and identify any shortcomings or irregularities.

The outcome of this initial review, together with the client’s individual circumstances, will become a key factor in subsequent settlement negotiations.

We understand that dealing with a lender in times of difficulty, can be a stressful experience. AFT can help relieve some of that burden by acting as the lender’s primary point of contact during the process.

To date we have provided a successful outcome for our clients in an average of 9 out of 10 cases, saving many millions of pounds while also helping them to:

  • Avoid Bankruptcy or other insolvency;
  • Prevent the forced sale of assets by their lender;
  • Protect the family home;
  • Save their business.

We are always happy to talk and a call to AFT is free, confidential and without obligation.

Debt Settlement Agreements

The solutions we provide can be as simple as negotiating sensible repayment terms although they frequently include some form of debt reduction whereby a reduced payment is made as full settlement of the debt.

Once a settlement is agreed and the client has met the terms of the agreement, they will be released from any further liability in relation to the debt in question – without the need to enter into insolvency.

We believe in our ability to deliver a successful outcome for out clients and, as a result, our fees are directly related to the success we achieve.

We work with clients experiencing a wide variety of lending related debt problems obtaining:

  • Debt reduction agreements to facilitate the managed repayment of bank debts
  • Reduced debt settlement agreements in relation to personal guarantee and/or residual debt liabilities
  • Renegotiation of existing debt on more favourable term

Unsecured Debt Settlement Examples

All debt settlement agreements are unique to each invidual case and, whilst we can’t promise to provide a solution in all cases, our investigatory approach, together with the experience of our consultants, puts us in a unique position to facilitate sensible debt settlement solutions for our clients.

AFT are not Licensed Insolvency Practitioners: we provide business debt settlement solutions outside of the insolvency process.

Take The First Step

We appreciate that dealing with seemingly insurmountable debt issues can take a heavy toll on business and personal life.

Recognising the need for help is an important first step.

Experience shows that the earlier people get help the better – and its never too late to try.

You have nothing to lose by getting in contact and possibly everything to gain.