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AFT specialise in obtaining bank debt settlement agreements helping sole traders, partnerships and limited companies resolve their financial difficulties and avoid insolvency.

If your business is under financial pressure, or has been treated unfairly by a bank, then AFT should be your first call.

AFT provide help to businesses when they need it most

AFT specialise in bank debt settlement, bringing financial and business experience to help resolve business debt issues outside of the insolvency process.

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in corporate finance and business having had extensive careers in financial services and in business generally.

AFT are not Licensed Insolvency Practitioners: we provide debt settlement solutions outside of the insolvency process.

The solutions we provide can be as simple as negotiating sensible repayment terms although they frequently include some form of debt reduction whereby a reduced payment is made as final settlement of the debt.

Once a settlement is agreed and the client has met the terms of the agreement, then they will be released from any further liability in relation to the debt in question – without the need to enter into insolvency.

All debt settlement agreements are unique to each invidual case and, whilst we can’t promise to provide a solution in all cases, we are proud to provide indicative figures to highlight the success we have already achieved.

Total client secured and unsecured business debt ₤17.044 million

Total amount saved ₤6.281 million

Average client saving 37%

Our success rate solely in relation to unsecured debt (including personal guarantee liabilities) is even greater, achieving an average client saving in excess of 70%

We would always recommend that business owners take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation to see if we can help, before they enter into a business insolvency.

We believe in our ability to deliver a successful outcome for our clients and, as a result, our fees are directly related to the success we achieve.

It’s free and confidential